Draxler Link “Made Up” While Arsenal Target Kallstrom

Arsene Wenger has come out and said the following about Julian Draxler:

“The Draxler situation has been created by the newspapers, not by me. He will stay at Schalke.”

Yesterday I posted how Julian Draxler would never join Arsenal, and how there are so many reasons why the transfer itself makes no sense.

But someone we have been linked with is 31 year old Sweden International Kim Kallstrom, who currently plays for Spartak Moscow.

The theory is that he would provide midfield cover for the injured Aaron Ramsey, Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere. Also, we have Mathieu Flamini out suspended as well so in terms of proper midfielders, we are a little short.

What do you think of this signing if it comes off?

Is it the signing we need? I suppose it’s a sensible move and it would a loan deal until the end of the season.

I haven’t seen a huge amount of him to make a judgement, but he seems to perform well when playing for Sweden.

Will it happen? I guess only time will tell.


5 thoughts on “Draxler Link “Made Up” While Arsenal Target Kallstrom

  1. Hi! Im from Sweden (see spelling), this got to be the joke of the day, Kim would not take place in any of teams in premiership, he is way to slow…

  2. Totally stupid transfer, injuries or not this the last position we need strengthening.
    Adding a decent player to our squad would of been sensible & a boost to everyone, instead Arsenal hike up season ticket sales by 3% (as if we are not already paying enough) while getting two new sponsorship deals that earn us an extra 60M each at start of each season.
    Most importantly we should of got a striker in even if it was a loan deal.
    Draxler would of been worth paying 37M for as his sell on value will grow but looks like we wont pay & another club will & then we will watch as he turns into a world beater.
    Seems like usual for us Arsenal fans, no one or a player that is past his time & not even needed

  3. Please we really need some one who can support the attack as well just as Ramsey,Ozil,wilshere,rosicky and Santi.if u ask me the front is weak in the absence of my Genius superkid THEO WALCOTT.

  4. After watching the Draxler video on this site during the week this guy is superb and would have been worth every million……..I believe the reason we haven’t bought him is once again Wenger’s reluctance to spend the full amount the club require.

    If he is to remain our manager in future I’m afraid he’ll have to dip in to that purse and spend big money which according to reports we now have because Man U Man C and Chelski will continue to do so leaving us once again with now’t every season..

    Therefore we need a leader who is prepared to spend especially on a player like Daxler…if we want to keep up with them
    If not then it must be a change of manager because the players we have got will leave and be successful
    with other clubs like they’ve done before more’s the pity.


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