This is the manager Arsenal need to bring in to replace Unai Emery and save our season

We all know this is the man who can turn our season around

I think we can all agree that after the draw against Crystal Palace and the manner of the draw, we can safely say that things are beyond repair.

Unai Emery’s philosophy is clearly not getting through to the players (if indeed he has one at all) and the team has under performed since March of last season.

The fanbase is already at a toxic level, and we’re only 10 games into the new season.

Granit Xhaka, reacted in a way not befitting of a captain, never mind an Arsenal captain, and the aftermath is very ugly indeed.

There are pictures on Twitter already of Lucas Torreira crying as he saw the abuse aimed at Granit Xhaka when he was taken off, and Amy Lawrence has reported that senior players visited a devoted Xhaka at his home.

This has all turned into a really big, sorry mess which is not reflecting good on the manager, the players, the fans and the club. I don’t think things have been this bad before.

Our season is threatening to go into free fall if things don’t change soon.

The bottom line is, this job is too big for most managers and it certainly is too big for Unai Emery. We need a manager who has big club experience, at the highest level, and the man to turn the tide is Jose Mourinho.

He has the ego, tactical knowledge and man management skills to get the best out of our squad. He got the best out of Mesut Özil at Real Madrid which is a big bonus, and while he’s had his moments (quite a few of the actually), he would do a fantastic job at Arsenal.

But what do you think? Do you think Jose Mourinho would be the man to turn things around? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

This is the final straw… Unai Emery needs to go! Before it’s too late!


Well what can you say about that?

We have stuttered all season, and lost at Sheffield United on Monday in one of the worse performances we’ve had under Unai Emery (and that’s saying something). He was given a get out of jail card by the sensational free kicks from Pepe on Thursday, and today?

Well, things didn’t get much better.

The best part of today was the line up being announced before the match. Emery went with Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe, which was exciting and gave us some hope that we would actually try and win a game rather than go a goal up and then defend.

But the same old problems are still there.

We don’t have a coherent game plan, we don’t have a style of play, we have no creativity in the team, the midfield is still unbalanced… it’s the same old story.

Unai Emery has struggled badly since March of last season, where we collapsed and missed out on the Top 4 and were humiliated in the Europa League final. And that poor form has continued into the new season, despite spending record amounts in the summer and a squad overhaul.

Today was the final straw for me. Enough is enough and he needs to leave Arsenal before it’s too late.

If we continue with Emery, we will miss out on the Top 4 again, fail in the Europa League and we’ll end up losing our best players. Why would Aubameyang, Lacazette, Guendouzi, Bellerin and Leno want to play in a team which is nowhere near the Champions League and a million miles away from the Premier League. These are top class players who want to win trophies.

Today was just a stark reminder that Emery has no idea. Our two goal lead came from set-pieces. There’s no tactics involved in that – it’s a case of the players having more heart and throwing themselves at the cross field balls, and today Sokratis and Luiz stepped up. Apart from that, we hardly created anything.

Rewind to Thursday night, and the two goals from Pepe were from set-pieces as well. We can’t just rely on corners and free kicks to score goals!

We were denied a clear goal from a completely ridiculous VAR decision but the goal would have papered over the massive cracks that are evident at Arsenal at the moment.

Edu, Raul and the rest of the higher ups need to start earning their money and reputation, and make a decision that will help Arsenal improve and get us to where we belong.

And the bottom line is that decision is to sack Unai Emery.

It’s over to you now.

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It would probably be an understatement to say that at the moment, Arsenal fans aren’t exactly happy at what is happening at the moment.

The defeat to Sheffield United was more than just dropped points, it was the same old, lacklustre performance, devoid of any real invention or creativity that we’ve had in previous eras. The fact that we didn’t test their goalkeeper at all (apart from some awful attempts) speaks volumes.

And even when we have won this season, we’ve done it by the skin of our teeth. We haven’t actually played well for months now, and certainly not this season.

Watching Arsenal is so bad these days and even worse than the worst days under Arsene Wenger…

So what do you want Arsenal to do?

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Enough is enough!! It’s time for Unai Emery to leave Arsenal!

It’s time to part ways, Unai…

Arsenal once again put in a gutless performance against a mid table team.

Enough is enough!

Under Arsene Wenger, we had defensive problems, but at least we had some sort of coherent attacking plan.

Under Unai Emery, we have defensive problems, but don’t have any kind of game plan in terms of attacking or creating chances.

It is now time to admit that Ivan Gazidis’s choice as Arsenal manager has failed, and time to move on.

There are a plethora of good managers available. Jose Mourinho, Massimilano Allegri, Laurent Blanc, Luciano Spalletti… the list goes on.

We have no game plan, no identity, no idea on the pitch…. this is just ridiculous now.

We’ve spent big money on bringing players in, and it’s the same old story. Actually, it’s not the same old story – this is actually worse.

Unai Emery is literally making things up as he goes along. He persists in Granit Xhaka, which will end up being his downfall, he has failed to address our defensive issues (and although our defence has always been suspect, it’s actually got worse) and I’m sure he has his own ideas but whatever they are, they are clearly not getting through to the players.

I don’t know what else to say… I’m so angry, frustrated and quick frankly, pissed off.

It will be a miracle if Arsenal finish in the Top 4 this season, and the Arsenal hierarchy need to have a real, hard think about the future because if they continue with Emery as Arsenal manager, then we will fail to get Champions League football next season, and risk losing our best players in the summer.

Awful Arsenal bottle it at Old Trafford! Plus player ratings…


Not sure what to make of that one.

Tonight saw two big teams who are in transition and struggling for form, and nether side were prepared to take the initiative to try and win the game.

One of the few positives was that Guendouzi and Saka, two of the youngest players in the team, put in really excellent performances. And Joe Willock again, when he came on, was fantastic.

Calum Chambers did well considering he was out of position, and Kolasinac did well on the other side. Luiz and Sokratis were okay, not brilliant but okay. At least neither made any stupid mistakes tonight.

Apart from that, we were uninspiring, timid and lacked any invention. And worst of all, the quality in the final third was horrendous. If we even showed even a slight bit of quality, we would have won that game.

Pepe was dreadful, overhitting crosses, misplacing passes and worst of all, giving the ball away cheaply, and not even attempting to track back! Aubameyang had no service all night, except for a brilliant pass from Saka, so struggled, and Torriera looked lost.

All night we couldn’t make the final pass or show that bit of quality – Reiss Nelson scuffed a great chance towards the end, Ceballos wasted a great chance to cross from a free kick right at the end, Pepe’s corners were terrible… it was extremely frustrating watching Arsenal tonight. Simply put, Arsenal were scared tonight.

Yet another chance to get 3 points at Old Trafford wasted.

Player Ratings

Bernd Leno: 8/10

Solid and made some good saves, especially towards the end from a Marcus Rashford free kick. Had no chance whatsoever with the goal we conceded.

Calum Chambers: 7/10

Did well tonight considering he was exposed for most of the night by Pepe who didn’t track back. Got forward when he could and tried to make things happen. Another solid performance after a good week in the Arsenal first team and he has stepped up and shown that he can be counted on which is great.

Sokratis Papastathopoulos: 6/10

Didn’t make any stupid mistakes so that’s good right? Overall did okay and did well against Rashford.

David Luiz: 6/10

Didn’t make any stupid mistakes so that’s good right? Linked up well with Sokratis on the whole, but did give away a needless free kick right on the edge of the box right at the end of the game which could have cost us dear. Did make some good and important interceptions.

Sead Kolašinac: 7/10

Did well and was solid all night. Looked comfortable defending and tracking back, and pushed forward well, and gave Aubameyang a great pass which the forward failed to read.

Lucas Torreira: 5/10

Gave everything as usual but struggled to impose himself against Manchester United’s midfield.

Granit Xhaka: 6/10

Didn’t make any stupid mistakes so that’s good right? Did okay, but still not sure what he brings to the team as Guendouzi and Torreria did all the running.

Matteo Guendouzi: 9/10

Excellent performance from Matteo get again. Full of running, full of purpose and tried to drag the team forward. Made some really important tackles and interceptions, and didn’t get involved in any of the silly games that he’s sometimes prone to – a real mature and measured performance, and deserves all the plaudits.

Nicolas Pépé: 3/10

Dreadful. We all know it takes time to get used to the Premier League but it doesn’t mean he should smash the ball into the stands every time. Showing a real lack of quality on the ball which is worrying. Of course he can’t help the price tag but you would think £72 million would get you someone who can kick a ball properly.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: 7/10

Couldn’t impose himself on the game because of the lack of service from the Arsenal midfield and the poor Nicolas Pépé. Ran for the cause, leading from the front and tried his best. Took his goal with absolute class, something badly missing from the rest of the team tonight.

Bukayo Saka: 8/10

Brilliant performance, one of the best in an Arsenal shirt tonight. Never shied away from a challenge, always willing to receive the ball and take on Manchester United – a really mature and impressive performance from a fantastic prospect. Deserves to feature in more games this season and gives Arsenal something else from an attacking perspective. Gave Ashley Young problems all night.

Dani Ceballos: 4/10

Failed to impose himself on the game, and gave the ball away too many times. Had a great opportunity to deliver a good cross at the end of the game but only managed to hit the first Manchester United player.

Reiss Nelson: 5/10

Tried and had some decent runs forward but again, showed a lack of quality at important times. Scuffed a chance from 12 yards out and should have done much better.

Joe Willock: 7/10

Was only on for 10 minutes but was bright, calm and composed on the ball. Had some good runs forward and always found a pass. Certainly deserves more playing time in the Arsenal first team because he’s currently one of the most talented players in the squad.