Arsenal’s Transfer Dealings: The Facts Against The Fiction

Ever since the season ended, Arsenal fans have heard all kinds of rumours about potential targets. Here, I try and identify the hard facts, against all the “fiction” made up online and in the press.

So what is actually going on in the transfer market? Here are the only hard facts with their official sources:

So they are the only “facts” (say it in a Rafa Benitez voice) to come out so far, from the actual football clubs involved. As yet, there has been no word on transfers or deals from Arsenal, except for the signing of Sanogo.

And here are the “theories and rumours” that have been circulating Twitter, the Internet and the press:

  • Arsenal have already agreed a deal for Gonzalo Higuain for £22.5 million.
  • We’ve agreed a 3 year contract worth £130,000 a week.
  • Real Madrid are “haggling” on the price and holding out for more money.
  • Arsenal do not want to fork out an extra £2.5 million for Higuain.
  • Arsenal only bid on Luis Suarez to get Real Madrid to hurry up and sell Higuain to us.
  • Arsenal have bid for Marouane Fellaini, but aren’t willing to pay the release clause that he has on his contract (Arsenal want to pay £20 million, Everton want £23 million).
  • Arsenal are serious about bringing Wayne Rooney to The Emirates, smashing their transfer and wages records in the process.
  • Arsenal are interested in bringing in Fernando Torres and Gareth Barry to the club.
  • Real Madrid are willing to let Higuain join Tottenham in a part-exchange plus cash dead for Gareth Bale.
  • We’ve also been linked with Jovetic, but those rumours died a quick death.

I’m sure there’s countless more “news” that has been going around but that’s all I can think of for now.

So what do you make of that?

From what I’ve read, I pretty much thought the Higuain deal was 95% certain to happen. But the latest news from Real Mardid pretty much kills any optimism for that happening. Maybe Arsenal and Real Madrid are playing games? Who knows.

Many people have vented their frustration and anger at Arsene Wenger and the board, which at this stage is slightly unfair. While it does seem like Arsenal are penny-pinching in the transfer market, it is the media and press that are making up stories to sell newspapers and gain hits and unfortunatly we Arsenal fans, desperate for a new era where we actually recruit some world class players, are hungry for any positive developments.

I did find it strange however that Ivan Gazidis came out publicly and announced to the world they had a massive war chest and could spend mega money on wages. For a club that is usually so shrewd in transfer dealings, that was a stupid thing to come out with.

I don’t think I can take it anymore, maybe I should just lock myself up in dark room until the start of the season…

They say it’s not the disappointment that kills you, it’s the hope.


25 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Transfer Dealings: The Facts Against The Fiction

  1. i am watching arsenal transfer rumors and it is really very confusing. it looks like the club is preparing something big but on the other hand top class players will not arsenal for ever. what do you believe would happen to this club this summer?

    • I’m not sure in all honesty. The longer the transfer window goes on, the more likely that we’ll miss out on any “big signings” and bring in “decent” players that are good but not world class.

  2. Wenger has lost it for arsenal he’s old and loosing focus,imagine up till nw no deal has been completed.and he’s still out there doin rubbish in the name of scouting for players.we need a change he can’t sign players 2days or a day to the end ofthe transfer market and expect result,

  3. For sure, we the supporters of the Gunners are very dissapointed and frastrated by the way our club handles these so called ”transfers”! We are tired of speculations, we want action by the board. I can’t imagin we could go all way 8years with no trouphy!!!

  4. Can’t find a statement from Liverpool re Suarez. I thought Arsenal made an enquiry only, not a formal offer? At least according to John Cross of the Mirror on twitter.

    • Yes, I’m not 100% sure about this one – although it does seem like it’s fact. It was on the BBC Sport website (which I believe it pretty reliable, definitely when compared to other “football news” websites out there) so I’m confident it did happen.

  5. Ivan gadizis and wenger are the biggest snakes under the green grass all they do is to kill innocent fans for satisfy.Dear fans,jst let go ur desire d club and make urself forget abt wenger he doesnt care or need fans love as long as the hyena’s there luvs him wt does he care abt fans

  6. It really is unbelievable when you think about the big statement made by gazidis…. who or what was he trying to impress with all them lies?
    If it was true we would have signed at least two class players by now.
    Why are arsenal penny pinching now? ….. when they where wasting millions in wages on the dead wood players.

    • Why would Gazidis say that publicly, and instantly weaken our position in the transfer market?

      Any selling club with half a brain would now realise that Arsenal have a “war chest” and squeeze us for every penny we had! Which what seems Real Madrid are doing to us right now.

      The crazy thing is that all of this could have been avoided and without making that public statement, we could have got away with our penny-pinching methods.

  7. It is this Old expired man AW who is killing the once best club of the world and the Hearts of the loyal Arsenal fans, we expect Mercy from the almighty God and neither do we expect it from the Stupid members of the Board nor the Unwise old man.

  8. Groundhog Day. Groundhog Year. Groundhog Transfer policy. Why does the club allow itself to be jerked around like this? What’s wrong with making an offical – and fair -bid for Hig and then waiting for an offical RM response? No. No. Way to straightforward, It all has to be this ’round the house’ nonsense that has the club still farting around six-odd weeks after they b egan working on what was going to be the first transfer of four or five. And six weeks later, still nothing. A club like Arsenal should be absolutely upfront and honourable about the way they get players. Make official bids and then proceed or move on depending on the response. But this nonsense about Higuan is just so frustrating…And so achingly familair at this stage. Gazidis and Arsene just just pee or get off the pot

    • Then we bring in an unproven player from the French league*

      * For the record I know Yaya Sanogo deserves a chance, and the comment is not aimed at insulting him. It is a reflection of the type of business we do in the transfer market year after year.

  9. Arsenal under wenger is no more the way, he doesnt care abot quality anymore rather his concern is the cash… im only blaming the england fans still paying season long ticket fees. if they can just seize then it will be dawn on those hypocrites(Wenger and board)

  10. Gazidis n Arsenal board 2cum out clearly dat there wil b no bg signing dis sumer instead of keeping us fans impatient n guesing 4long 4nw signings

  11. There being no actual football of any interest to report on the papers, the websites, the bloggers Tom Cobberly and all have nothing to write about and are faced with the problem filling space with words that readers will read. Answer to problem: speculation of transfer, the bigger the name or the more preposterous the claim the bigger headline the better the readership. Sample:

    Roony to Arsenal. No evidence but so what it will pull the readers. As with all speculation without foundation it falls to nothing.

    A new day brings new empty pages. No problem. Now its Surez to Arsenal the pages are full of empty claims based on the need to fill empty pages and get readership.

    To all of those poor hard up football writers out there I offer this claim for you.

    ‘Arsenal offer £50million for Bale.’
    To the reader of of my post:
    When you read it in your preferred football info source, remember you read it here first.

  12. I do not care who it is Arsenal wants it is Always going to be a hard transfer process. Why Because the Board and their past dealings of repeatedly letting their best players go and ALL the big transfers have been in one direction OUT. ANd the final straw was selling RVP to ManU. When you let your leading goal scorer go to a League rival you all but just admitted that your rival is a bigger club then you. It makes signing any player now much harder the image of the Club has been damaged and it is going to be costly to repair it. Arsenal will need to SPEND and Spend big to turn around the image as a selling club. Finishing in the CL spot only helps a little as many mid level clubs (in other leagues) also are in the CL but most are also still a long shot to win it or even get to the finals. SO Arsenal is a tough sell to a top quality player that wants trophies and glory and not just money. Sure a ManCity can over spend and make a offer that is hard to refuse money wise and get top players but they know that is what they have to offer. ManU, Barca, RM all have winning pedigree Arsenal gained that at Wenger’s peak seasons but most of that has been lost over the past 7 seasons. So does Arsenal Need to spend as big as City? Well frankly YES when it comes to top talent. They may get lucky on English payers that may be Gooners fans as kids but internationally Arsenal does not have the clout of say a RM or Barca.

  13. Wenger i wish am in london i could hav carry a gun nd shot u 2 dead cos i dnt knw ur importnd in d world…evry 5min i use 2 enter arsenal news all wat i use 2 c is difference story nd 4 u ivan gadilis na God go punishin u studit people fake bord am out of arsenal fan nw am goin bak 2 man city

  14. I know it’s painful no matter what there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Frances valentine thou art a true gunners fan never a man city fan

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  16. 23m for fellaini, 23m for higuan though would have preferred (Lewa for poldi+cash) 1.5m for ceasar, Dream that cesc can come bak! Invicibles again


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